Potatoes and Kale

Hey Everyone,

Tasso and I planted a bunch of potatoes that we were unable to eat fast enough. The potatoes started sprouting arms. We thought that they would appreciate us more if they were in the ground. The red potato in the image bellow reminded me of a crab. I also took a picture of our small green house with all of our organic conventional style grown seedlings. Today I transplanted the two large zucchini seedlings that were on the top level. I noticed that our kale isn’t doing so well. It looks like it is dyeing of thirst.  I think that Tasso and I are used to our HEVA systems watering our plants with its sensors. When we don’t have a HEVA system sensor next to the plant we forget to water it. Our HEVA 3 system kale is thriving so much that it looks like a mini forest in the tray.

2ConPotato4.9.2013 copy ConPotato4.9.2013 copy 3ConPotato4.9.2013 copy ConCrop4.9.2013 copy


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